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Biostat has launched courses in statistics for clinical research in the English language.

This offering is aimed at individuals working in or aspiring to work in the field of clinical research.


Online courses in statistics

The Biostat® Research and Development Center is among the commercial scientific units with the status of CBR in the register kept by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Biostat experts are sharing their knowledge, enabling all those interested in working in the clinical research industry to acquire specialized knowledge in the field of statistics.


Currently, online courses are available:


Soon to be available:

  • Statistics in clinical trials part 3
  • Statistical interpretation of medical research

These courses are designed for professionals in the clinical research field as well as those aspiring to work in the CRO industry.


Online courses in statistics – benefits

Why take advantage of Biostat's courses? Here are the most important reasons why you should take online courses in statistics offered by Biostat:

  • online form - we focus on your convenience, which is why you can take our course online.
  • practical knowledge - our trainers are experienced statisticians. The course is not only theory but the use of knowledge in practice
  • certificate - at the end of the training, you will receive a certificate from the Biostat Research and Development Center
  • training materials - during the course you receive original training materials.



About the authors of the courses

The course authors are experienced scientists, experts from The BioStat® Research and Development Center:


Aneta Piechaczek, PhD - statistician and econometrician. In the years 2017-2021, an employee of the Laboratory of Applications of Mathematics in Economics AGH UST. PhD  in the field of Management and Quality Science, developing in her dissertation the issues of more advanced statistical analyses in socio-economic sciences. In 2021, she was nominated for the Didactics Laurel of AGH university. Author and co-author of several scientific publications related to data analysis and statistics. Statistician of the Biostat Research and Development Center.


Andrzej Tomski PhD - statistician and expert Biostat. Doctor of mathematics, graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and researcher and teacher at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Silesia. He specializes in biomathematics. In Biostat responsible for statistical areas of clinical trial (analysis plans, selection of methods, statistical studies).


Explore the full range of online courses in statistics for clinical research.

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